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Warehouse Dock Service and Maintenance

Once you’ve invested in products to make your dock operations as productive and safe as possible, it’s very important to keep all those products operating within manufacturers specifications. And let’s face it, things happen, and equipment gets damaged or stops working and needs repairs.

You can count on our team of professional dock service technicians to maximize your dock productivity and safety. And our Planned Maintenance Program reduces the likelihood of equipment malfunctions or breakdowns.

Dock & Door Planned Maintenance by Valley Industrial Trucks


Technicians thoroughly clean equipment and components to ensure longer life and a more efficient workplace. Prevents dirt and debris from clogging working parts and causing premature wear.


Technicians apply correct lubricants in proper places to ensure equipment works efficiently. This means downtime is reduced since components are protected from wear, moisture and corrosion.


Equipment that is improperly adjusted can waste time and create hazards. All necessary components are adjusted properly to make sure equipment works smoothly and consistently.


Technicians thoroughly inspect loading dock equipment and are trained to bring small problems to your attention before they become big issues. Predictive maintenance solutions are offered as needed.


We provide documentation to show service work that has been completed and to indicate areas of problems, saving you potential headaches down the road.

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