Here you will find videos meant to inform you of new products, improvements, tips to help you run a more efficient and effective material handling operation and industry related videos.

Company and Industry Videos

Valley Industrial Trucks Information – A few years ago we put together a short video to highlight what we do here at Valley and what we’ve done for over 60 years as the only locally owned material handling company in the Mahoning Vallley.

Are You a Candidate for the Material Handling Industry? – Our industry is full of innovative, young people from all walks doing all sorts of jobs to move the products we purchase from manufacturing locations to the points people purchase them. Learn more about our industry and the opportunities that are present.

Product and Manufacturer Videos

CLARK Material Handling Corporate Video – Learn more about America’s oldest and most reliable brand, CLARK. In 2016 they celebrated a century of serving the material handling industry. We are proud to be your source for CLARK Material Handling products in the Mahoning Valley and Western Pennsylvania.

Doosan Corporate Video – Doosan is much more than a forklift manufacturer. They have been engineering and building some of the world’s largest and most durable equipment for over a century. Learn more about their company and why you can rely on Doosan Forklifts to get the job done.

BYD Corporate Video – BYD has been producing battery powered vehicles for decades. Their latest iron phosphate battery technology is revolutionizing the forklift industry, particularly electric forklifts. Learn more about this innovative and progressive manufacturer.

Product Videos

CLARK S-Series Forklift – Building on over 100 years of forklift engineering and manufacturing excellence, CLARK introduced the new S-Series n 2017 to be a smarter, stronger and safer forklift than any others on the market.

CLARK S-Series Forklift, SAFE Video – See all the new features and improvements that make CLARK’s new S-Series Forklift one of the safest forklifts on the market.

CLARK S-Series Forklift, Frame Video – Durability of CLARK’s S-SERIES begins with the frame of the lift truck. That durability comes from features such as a one-piece fully-welded frame, heavy gauge steel, 5/8 inch thick durable fenders, integral tie-downs and more.

CLARK WPL25 Pallet Jack – See all the features and benefits of CLARK’s new lithium ion powered pallet jack.

Columbia Journeyman All-Purpose Vehicle – These multi-purpose vehicles come in six configurations and are built to perform all day long. Learn more about the Journeyman in this short feature video.

BYD Electric Forklift – BYD’s electric forklifts, powered by iron phosphate batteries are revolutionizing the industry. One battery per truck, full charge in 1.5 hours and up to 15 hours on a charge. See all the features and benefits. 

Gem One Fleet Management – Gem One Sapphire systems specialize in monitoring of forklift fleets, providing real-time data to improve utilization, productivity and reduce fleet costs. Learn more about Gem One and contact us to learn more and get a quote.

Noblelift SPTE33X Pallet Jack – The SPTE33X is an innovative power pallet truck with a 48V system designed for light-duty applications. This revolutionary product was designed in to eliminate the labor involved when using the traditional hand pallet trucks. Its compact design is ideal for use in tight spaces such as elevators, trailers, containers, as well as retail stores with narrow aisles.

“How-to”, Tips and Safety Videos

Forklift Daily Inspections Video – Pre-Shift Inspections are required by OSHA. We have found that these inspections provide benefits far beyond simple compliance. Daily inspections reduce your liability, product loss and damage and catches small maintenance issues before they blossom into giant repair headaches.

Blue Safety Light – Blue Safety Light greatly increases your forklift’s chances to be seen. See how Blue Safety Light increases forklift visibility when operating in aisles or turning corners.

Forklift Fork and Chain Inspections – Forks and chains bear the brunt of daily lifting, picking and depositing of pallets. Ensuring they are within safe operating standards can prevent failure, which can be catastrophic.