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Forklift and Aerial Lift Operator Training

Operator Safety Training

Our Operator Training programs are comprehensive, in-depth training courses that teach safe operation of industrial forklift and aerial lift equipment.

We offer classes both at your location, and at our locations in Youngstown and Akron, Ohio. Please visit either of our dealerships or call (888) 952-7536 for more information about forklift operator training. Scroll down to find our daily inspection forms and forklift safety posters to help your employees operate forklifts safely and encourage lift truck awareness in your warehouse.

Our training is conducted by experienced and reliable personnel who understand the abilities, limitations and dangers of all types of material handling equipment, including forklifts and aerial lifts. 

OSHA Inspection Process Video – This video, created by OSHA, walks you through what might trigger an OSHA inspection and what to expect should one occur. Stay compliant with regards to forklift and aerial lift operator training with training by Valley Industrial Trucks.

Forklift Operator Training

Learn more about forklift operator training by Valley Industrial Trucks

Aerial Lift Operator Training

Learn more about aerial lift training by Valley Industrial Trucks

Daily Forklift Inspection Forms

Daily forklift inspections are not only required by OSHA, they’re a smart thing to do. Catch small maintenance issues before they blossom into giant repair and safety hazard nightmares. Feel free to download and copy as needed.

Forklift Operator Questionnaire

Before you put an employee on one of your lift trucks, you must fully understand their level of experience, what equipment they’ve operated, what conditions they have operated those forklifts under and what, if any, additional training is required to ensure that they are ready to operate YOUR lift trucks under YOUR specific conditions.

Our Forklift Operator Questionnaire helps walk you through the process of asking the questions that will help you determine a plan of action for training your new, or current operators.

Download our Forklift Operator Questionnaire.

Fork Inspection Form

Worn or damaged forks reduce your forklift’s safe lifting capacity, creating a dangerous situation for your forklift operators and anyone that works around them. 

This form walks you through the process of ensuring your forks are within safe operating parameters. If you find damage or they are worn, and unsafe, contact us at (888) 952-7536.

Download our Fork Inspection Form

Free Forklift Safety Posters

Download our FREE series of safety posters to help you improve lift truck awareness in your facility. 

Pedestrian Safety Poster
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Forklifts are in operation
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Only Trained Operators
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