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Trailer Restraint and Safety Products

Keeping your tractor trailers flush against your dock is the key to keeping people working in and out of the trailer safe. Trailer creep or pull-away can result in equipment damage, injury and even death. We have a wide variety of products for any application depending upon the type of equipment your unloading and your dock operations. 

In addition we have the communication products to ensure those working outside the tractor trailer know when it’s time to safely pull away from the dock.

  • Hydraulic, Electric and Manual Trailer Restraint Hooks
  • Wheel Chocking Systems for Equipment Without ICC Bars, or Damaged ICC Bars
  • Dock Locks to Reduce Theft by Drive-Away
  • Trailer Restraint Signal Lights
  • Working Lights for Inside Trailer Work
  • Traditional Wheel Chock Options

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