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Forklift Tire Replacement and Mobile Tire Pressing

Mobile Forklift Tire Press Truck

Mobile Tire Service

Valley Industrial Trucks now offers on-site mobile forklift tire pressing. No more transit to an off-site location, improved productivity, less waiting. Get the tires you need, installed on your forklifts in minutes, rather than days. Our 26′ box van is equipped with the tires you need and equipment to press nearly any tire, safely and quickly. Give us a call and put us to work at (888) 952-7536 at your facility.

Our Forklift Tire Line

Valley Industrial Trucks in your source for all your forklift and industrial equipment tire needs. Cushion tires, pneumatic, solid pneumatic, non-marking, we have all the types and sizes to meet your operational requirements.  Our new Mobile Forklift Tire Pressing Unit means we can replace your forklift tires on-site, reducing down time and increasing your productivity. Valley Industrial Trucks has served the Akron, Canton, Youngstown and Western Pennsylvania areas for over 60 years with uncompromising forklift and material handling equipment equipment, service and parts. Give us a call at (888) 952-7536 for a quote and to schedule your tire replacement. We are proud to be a distributor of:

Mitco Forklift Tire Logo

MITCO Manufacturing

Mitco Forklift Tires Made in the USAMITCO is a US-based manufacturer of high quality solid tires for the material handling industry. As one of the industry’s pioneers, MITCO has been serving the industrial tire needs of their customers since 1953 and their ownership is committed to remaining a US manufacturer.

MITCO has a long tradition of unsurpassed customer service, innovation, and quality. Their staff is well trained and possesses cutting edge information system technology to serve their customers.

MITCO has three Distribution Centers located strategically throughout the USA making their delivery standards the best in the industry. Manufacturing is located in Chattanooga, TN offering flexibility for timely supply of special compounds and sizes.

MITCO continues to expand its line of industrial tires, explore new technologies in compounding and manufacturing techniques, and employ new innovations in their information technology to meet the challenges of today’s market.

Solid Solver - Pneumatic Shaped Solid Tire

The Mitco Solid Solver is 100% natural rubber compound that delivers cut and abrasion resistance and generates less heat in operation, giving longer lift expectancy and low rolling resistance.

Solid Solver - Pneumatic Shaped Solid Forklift Tire

Super Solid - Press-on Solid Tire

Non-marking Solid Pneumatic Super Solid Press-on Forklift Tires Solid Press-on Tires Need Forklift Tires?