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Electric forklift have gained significant ground in recent years. In fact, over 70% of the forklifts sold right now are electric. Electric forklifts cost less to operate, generate zero emissions and are ergonomically superior to internal combustion engine (IC) forklifts.

However, electric forklifts present their own set of challenges. Traditional forklift batteries are heavy, require maintenance, and with a multi-shift operation, you’re forced to purchase more than one batter per forklift. Traditional forklift batteries must charge for approximately 8 hours, cool for 8 hours, then you may utilize it for an 8 hour shift. While this works for many companies, some companies do not want to accommodate the required space for storage, purchase multiple batteries and expose employees to potential dangers of traditional batteries, like acid and gases, fires and potential explosions. That’s where our Lithium options come into play.

We have a few options for those wishing to get away from these dangers, costs and inconveniences. Valley Industrial Trucks is Northeast Ohio and Western Pennsylvania’s source for the Tesla of forklifts, BYD.  And if you currently operate a fleet of electric forklifts, but wish to ditch the battery changing stations, watering, maintenance and dangers of traditional batteries, we can provide you with Lithium battery options to retrofit your current forklifts with our retro-fit Lithium Battery Solutions.

BYD Lithium Powered Forklift

BYD Electric Forklift

Lithium Forklift Batteries

FLUX Lithium Forklift Batteries

If you’re using internal combustion forklifts (IC) and want to explore the benefits of Lithium powered electric forklifts, or if you currently utilize traditional electric forklifts and want to know more about converting your fleet, give us a call at 888-952-7536 and we’ll help guide you through your options.