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Find Forklift Leasing in Ohio

Lease Lift Trucks from Doosan, Sellick, CLARK & JLG

We offer lease and financing options for forklift purchases here in Ohio. Call 888-375-0829 or visit us in Youngstown or Akron, OH, to learn more about buying a lift truck or material handling equipment from Doosan, Sellick, CLARK and JLG. We are your source for forklifts, lift trucks, scissor lifts and more!

Leasing and Finance Options

  • Valley Industrial Trucks, Inc. has a close working relationship with¬†Wells Fargo, De Lage Landen, PNC¬†and other leading lending institutions. Valley Industrial Trucks, Inc. offers innovative solutions tailored to your unique financing needs.

Financial Products Available:

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Additionally, Our Flexible Financing Programs Can Be Customized To Meet Your Special Needs, Such As:

  • Skip Or Seasonal Payment Terms
  • Residual Or Balloon Payment Schedules
  • And Many More Creative Options

Short Term Rental

  • Short Term Rental provides temporary equipment for seasonal needs, peak periods and special projects.

Full Payout: $1 Option Lease/Conditional Sales Contract

  • Customer pays for equipment over a predetermined finance term
  • Customer may qualify for 100% financing
  • Customer is the owner
  • Finance terms of one (1) or more years are available
  • Accelerated or level payment plans are available

Residual Leases: FMV Lease

  • Lower monthly payments than Full Payout Lease.
  • Lease rates are fixed for the contract term.
  • Customer pays only for the amount of the equipment useful life that is used during the lease term.
  • Customer can have options to purchase the equipment at the end of the lease term or return the equipment.
  • Customer is responsible for all equipment maintenance.

Long Term Rental

  • One lease agreement covers the rental of equipment as well as the maintenance portion of the lease.
  • Lease rates are fixed for the contract term.
  • Customer has the option to perform all, some, or none of the equipment maintenance.
  • Customer returns equipment at the end of the lease with no additional obligations.

The Benefits of Long Term Rental

  • Conserves cash
  • Allows for future budgeting
  • Provides tax benefits
  • Maximizes equipment utilization
  • Lowers overhead costs
  • Consolidation of equipment
  • Eliminates price increases
  • Improves employee morale – access to new equipment
  • Timely equipment replacement