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Forklift Leasing

Lease Lift Trucks from Doosan, Sellick, CLARK & JLG

We offer lease and financing options for forklift purchases here in Ohio. Call (888) 952-7536 or visit us in Youngstown or Akron, OH, to learn more about buying a lift truck or material handling equipment from Doosan, Sellick, CLARK and JLG. We are your source for forklifts, lift trucks, scissor lifts and more!

Leasing and Finance Options

Valley Industrial Trucks, Inc. has a close working relationship with Wells Fargo, De Lage Landen, PNC and other leading lending institutions. Valley Industrial Trucks, Inc. offers innovative solutions tailored to your unique financing needs.

Financial Products Available:

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Download our Full Maintenance Leasing Brochure

Additionally, Our Flexible Financing Programs Can Be Customized To Meet Your Special Needs, Such As:

  • Skip Or Seasonal Payment Terms
  • Residual Or Balloon Payment Schedules
  • And Many More Creative Options

Short Term Rental

  • Short Term Rental provides temporary equipment for seasonal needs, peak periods and special projects.

Full Payout: $1 Option Lease/Conditional Sales Contract

  • Customer pays for equipment over a predetermined finance term
  • Customer may qualify for 100% financing
  • Customer is the owner
  • Finance terms of one (1) or more years are available
  • Accelerated or level payment plans are available

Residual Leases: FMV Lease

  • Lower monthly payments than Full Payout Lease.
  • Lease rates are fixed for the contract term.
  • Customer pays only for the amount of the equipment useful life that is used during the lease term.
  • Customer can have options to purchase the equipment at the end of the lease term or return the equipment.
  • Customer is responsible for all equipment maintenance.

Long Term Rental

  • One lease agreement covers the rental of equipment as well as the maintenance portion of the lease.
  • Lease rates are fixed for the contract term.
  • Customer has the option to perform all, some, or none of the equipment maintenance.
  • Customer returns equipment at the end of the lease with no additional obligations.

The Benefits of Long Term Rental

  • Conserves cash
  • Allows for future budgeting
  • Provides tax benefits
  • Maximizes equipment utilization
  • Lowers overhead costs
  • Consolidation of equipment
  • Eliminates price increases
  • Improves employee morale – access to new equipment
  • Timely equipment replacement