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Employment at Valley Industrial Trucks

Why Join The Valley Team?

Joining the Valley Industrial Trucks team is more than starting a new job – it’s joining a new family.  At Valley, we understand the importance of enjoying where you work and who you work with.  We pride ourselves on both the longevity and stability of the company, as well as the longevity of our employees. Many of our employees have been on our team for decades. 

Not only are we family-driven, we are focused on providing the highest quality of service to our customers, and our attention to excellence shows. Just a few of the accolades our team has achieved:

As you can see, the manufacturers and industry associations we represent have recognized the Valley team over and over in our pursuit of excellence. So you know you’re joining a team that focuses on quality, and the customer! And when we’re not earning awards, we encourage our team to get involved in the community we serve. We support local and national charities and educational facilities like: As you can see, we believe that “to whom much is given, much is expected” and try to go out of our way to support local and regional causes.

We’re Part of the Alliance Material Handling Family

Employee owned & employee driven, Alliance Material Handling participates in an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP).  Every employee at Alliance is a member of the ESOP, making every employee a partial owner of the company.  Benefits of being a member of an ESOP include:

  • Increased earnings. In addition to a regularly salary, every full-time employee receives an ESOP account that grows in value every year.
  • Diversification in your retirement account.  Many employees neglect to diversify their investments, with an ESOP you receive an additional retirement account that grows tax-free.
  • Increased employee morale.  As a partial owner of the company, participants of the ESOP feel a sense of pride and importance in their daily work. As employees grow, so does the company and the value of each ESOP account for every employee.
  • Driven by the 30 Fundamentals of Excellence

Our Industry is Vital to Commerce Around the Globe

And not only is Valley a great place to work, our industry (Material Handling and Storage) is constantly changing, but most importantly, growing! Our industry transports and warehouses every, single, product that comes into your home and the businesses you shop with. As long as goods need to be transported, there will be jobs in our industry. From where all your products are made, they must be shipped via cargo container, train, truck to warehouses, then distributed to the stores you shop at…and we’re a big part of that chain! Learn more in the videos below.

Forklift Service Technician Employment Video

Material Handling Industry Employment Video