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JCB Teletruk Telescopic Boom Forklift

In 1997, JCB developed a forklift truck with a telescopic boom, instead of the conventional vertical mast, to create the JCB Teletruk. This unique design dramatically improves productivity and safety, and saves operational time and yard space. The Teletruk forklift provides unrivaled visibility, forward reach and lift capacity on a compact machine. You can quickly change attachments, and the 111-degree carriage rotation allows you to pick and place loads safely.

Depending on your application, the versatile JCB Teletruk can offer many of the benefits of up to five different machines. Not only does it do the work of a conventional masted forklift, but it combines many of the capabilities a skid steer loader, compact telescopic handler, rough terrain forklift and compact wheel loader. In short, the Teletruk does everything a conventional forklift does, and more. JCB Teletruk Features Advantages and Benefits Brochure

Unrivaled Visibility

Teletruk’s unique side mounted boom provides maximum visibility for the operator, improving safety.

Single Side Loading

The telescoping boom on Teletruk provides the opportunity to load a truck from one side.

Hydrostatic Drive

This eliminates differential and gear box, available in 2WD and 4WD options.

Truck Loading

Easily place goods in vans, box or delivery trucks with Teletruk’s telescoping boom

Full Capacity at Max Height

Because of Teletruk’s unique boom placement your forklift retains max capacity, even at full height.

Full Free Lift

Due to boom positioning, an expensive full free lift option is not required on Teletruck, it’s standard!

JCB Teletruck Feature Video

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