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Portable Buildings

Portable Buildings - In-Plant Offices

A-WALL Building Systems install faster and are more flexible than permanent construction. A-WALL can be disassembled, relocated or reconfigured as your needs change. Additional benefits include….

  • Quiet, Fire-Safe Construction
  • Prefinished Panels – No Taping,
  • Sanding or Painting
  • Factory Installed Receptacles,
  • Switches and Data Boxes
  • Significant Tax Savings
  • Simple Assembly Using Common
  • Hand Tools
  • Turn-Key Installations Available

Modular Means Savings

Modular offices generally cost less than permanent construction. A-WALL buildings are pre-engineered, eliminating the cost of an architect or engineer’s design services. Also, modular in-plant buildings are considered capital equipment and not a permanent improvement to your facility. As equipment, A-WALL can be expensed or rapidly depreciated. This rapid depreciation gives A-WALL a significant price advantage.

Fast, Trouble-Free Installation

A-WALL modular offices and buildings require up to 20% fewer parts than comparable building systems and arrive with detailed instructions and drawings. Your crew can achieve a professional looking installation in a matter of days… not weeks, as with permanent construction. Your local A-WALL dealer can also provide you with a turn-key installation using their experienced craftsmen.

A-WALL Changes with Your Requirements

A-WALL modular wall panels are interchangeable and 100% reusable. Your in-plant office or modular building can be expanded, rearranged or relocated to a new area or facility. You can’t do that with stud and drywall.


  • Aircraft Hangar Offices
  • Automotive Service Offices
  • Break Rooms & Cafeterias
  • Cleanrooms
  • Compressor Enclosures
  • Conference & Control Rooms
  • Dust-Free White Rooms
  • Engineering Offices
  • Equipment Enclosures
  • Grinding Rooms
  • Laboratories
  • Lunch Rooms
  • Photo Studios
  • Plant Partitions
  • Production Rooms
  • Shipping Offices
  • Training Rooms