Forklift Service Specials

2nd Quarter 2018 – Forklift Cooling System Service Special

Your forklifts have been cooped up inside with the doors and windows closed all winter, get them ready for busy season with our cooling system special. Reduce heat, improve performance and useful life of your forklifts. Limited time special. 

  • Forklift Engine and Cooling System SpecialNew Radiator Cap
  • Install New Fan Belt
  • Drain System and Fill with OEM Specification Coolant (up to 2 gallons)
  • Clean Expansion Tank and Flush Line to Improve Flow
  • Radiator Cleaning with¬†Compressed Air
  • Inspect Upper and Lower Radiator Hoses
  • Inspect the Cooling Fan Fins
  • Inspect the Fan Shroud and Safety Guard.
  • Check Water Pump Flow
  • Check Water Pump Bearing End Play
  • Quote Additional Items Needed


*Restrictions do apply, contact your local Valley Industrial Truck branch for details. 

Youngstown 330-788-4081

Canton/Akron 330-733-6301