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Reasons for Forklift Operator Training Certification

The most obvious reason for forklift operator training is, it’s the LAW! Non-compliance with OSHA requirements are costly enough in terms of fines and citations, legal representation and lost productivity. Adding an accident in your facility to that mix, and your costs can spiral quickly and dramatically.

However, there are other good reasons to conduct and maintain a robust training program. Much like high-performing athletes must stay on top of their game with practice and continual training to improve performance, so must your forklift operators. The benefits include:

  • Reduce your insurance premiums – Reducing accidents, product and facility damage can reduce your insurance costs.
  • Save on lift truck maintenance costs from damage & abuse – Catching small maintenance issues is far less costly than missing them until they become giant repair headaches (eg. low engine oil)
  • Insure yours or your employees safety – Not only are your operators safer with a robust training program, so are you and anyone that works around your forklifts, visits your facility or happens by your warehouse.
  • Improve equipment longevity – Equipment that is inspected more frequently is maintained better (see #2). This leads to equipment that performs better and lasts longer.
  • Cut down on product damage & warehouse accident

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