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Forklift Full Maintenance Leasing

Why Full Maintenance?

You just purchased expensive material handling equipment that will bear the brunt of your daily materials handling workload and endure a tremendous amount of wear and tear. Most companies are not equipped to maintain this equipment to factory standards and operational expectations.

Leaving the maintenance to experienced professionals who know the equipment makes sense for many reasons. The bottom line is that a full maintenance program will help maximize your materials handling bottom line and minimize your total ownership costs.

Increase Trade-in Value and Maintain Warranties

Putting the maintenance of your forklift fleet in the hands of trained professionals assures proper maintenance, resulting in better adherence to manufacturer warranties and improved trade-in values.

Potential Tax Advantages

Full maintenance leasing is a straight operating cost in most situations. This keeps you from complicated  depreciation and interest considerations.  Consult your tax professional for your company’s potential benefit.

Better Budgeting of Total Ownership Costs

From month one until the end of your term, your monthly regular maintenance costs are fixed and reliable. That means one payment that includes the equipment rental and your normal maintenance costs.

No more guess-work when budgeting forklift maintenance expenses.

Get Yourself Out of the Forklift Maintenance Business

Hiring qualified and experienced technicians, keeping them up-to-date on training, and managing their priorities takes time and investment. Leaving all of that to professional equipment technicians, managers and schedulers like those at Valley Industrial Trucks saves you time and money.

Leaving all of that to us will allow you to focus on your business, where your time is much better spent.

What our Full Maintenance Lease Includes

  • All Normal Maintenance
  • All Service Requirements
  • Scheduled Preventive Maintenance
  • Emergency and Routine Repairs
  • 24 Hour Service, 7 Days a Week (Breakdown calls are handled by our managers, not our service technicians. Overtime charges may apply).
  • Guaranteed Two Hour Turn Around Time for Service Call
  • All Travel to and From Your Location
  • All Parts Needed for Maintenance and/or Repair
  • Major Overhauls
  • Replacement Equipment at No Charge in Event Unit Has to Come to Shop for Repair
  • Free Delivery and Pickup
  • OSHA Certified Operators Training (Charges may apply)
  • Supplemental Equipment Available at Discounted Short-Term Rate
  • One Monthly Payment Covers Equipment, Maintenance and Parts
  • Rental Rate is Fixed Rate for Term of Contract

The Only Exclusions

  • Tires and Cab Glass
  • Taxes if Applicable
  • Battery and Charger Maintenance (When Applicable)
  • Operator Expenses and Any Abuse Due to Incorrect Operation and/or Misuse of Products

When the Lease Expires

All we ask when the lease expires is that you return the unit in operable condition. It does not need to be in retail ready condition with new paint, new tires, etc.

No Surprises!

Many companies shave costs from their full maintenance by reducing services, increasing the number of payments or omitting / hiding important details to the agreement. At Valley Industrial Trucks, what you see is what you get. No hidden costs; full-maintenance service 24 hours a day, just as it should be.

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