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Operator Safety Training vs. Teaching – There are vast differences in teaching forklift operators safe forklift operation and truly training them.  This Feature Article highlights the learning process and gives you ideas about what you can do to reinforce your program to ensure actual training is taking place.

What You Need to Consider When Purchasing a Used Forklift – The used forklift market is very active. Knowing the things you need to consider when purchasing a used forklift can mean a significant difference to your bottom line. This Feature Article gives you 10 things to consider before you purchase that used forklift

Heat Illness Safety Tips – The hot summer months are upon us. With increased heat and humidity workers become more susceptible to heat-related illnesses. Workers who are not accustomed to working in the heat can quickly become ill and experience heat stroke, which can lead to serious illness and even death. There are a few things to keep in mind about heat-related illness and what you can do to help prevent it in your workers.

Forklift Safety Day is Coming, What You Can Do to Celebrate – Forklifts can be dangerous pieces of equipment, and June will mark the 5th anniversary of Forklift Safety Day, initiated by the Industrial Truck Association to help bring awareness of the potential dangers in operating lift trucks. Learn what you can do to improve forklift safety in your facility.

5 Major Benefits of Forklift Planned Maintenance – Just like regular trips to the doctor for physicals, taking regular care of your forklifts has many benefits. Find out what they are in this feature article.

OSHA’s Free Safety Consultation Program – OSHA provides small to medium size companies that lack the resources for safety departments and managers, a free consultation service to help identify areas that present potential liabilities and hazards. Learn more about the program and sign-up.

Five Things You Can do to Improve Energy Efficiency this Winter – The winter months are upon us. That means the heaters come on and the energy bills increase. There are a lot of little things you can do to cut your energy costs during winter. This month we highlight five big things you can do to improve energy efficiency and decrease your energy consumption and costs.

Factors Reducing the Safe Lifting Capacity of Your New Forklift– Find out what can easily make your 5,000 lb. capacity forklift, a 4,000 lb. capacity forklift. It doesn’t take as much as you may think.

Forklift Procurement Strategy – When you put a forklift to work, the equipment cost and maintenance is bore by the user. But how those costs are allocated and the financial impact varies from company to company.

The Shocking Truth About Electric Forklifts – Electric forklifts are gaining in popularity. Find out how much of the market they command and what is causing the transformation of forklift fleets around the globe.

Four Traits of Safety-Minded Companies – As managers and owners, we want a safe work environment for all of our employees. Unfortunately, all too often it escapes us. Time passes quickly, and initiatives that were once important standards become guidelines or even merely suggestions. How can we ensure that when we put safety measures in place, they will stay in place as employees come and go in a business climate that is constantly in flux?

Green Initiatives in Supply Chain – There are literally hundreds of things you can do to improve energy consumption in your facility. From the smallest gestures like turning off unused lighting to giant projects like installing solar panels, all your efforts go into improving the climate we live in as well as the atmosphere our employees work in every day. 

New OSHA Report on the Costs of Not Protecting Our Employees – A new report generated by OSHA highlights the real costs associated with on the job injuries, who pays them and how this impacts the employee and taxpayers. Read the Executive Summary and download the complete report.

Equipment Acquisition Strategies – There are several ways to acquire heavy equipment, like a forklift. The answer about how to acquire that equipment is not so cut and dry. How you acquire capital equipment should be determined by answering a few questions, then having a discussion with your financial representative. The two of you together should be able to come to a conclusion about how to proceed.

Ebola, Influenza and Productivity – What the recent Ebola outbreak has taught us about preparedness, how that relates to the upcoming flu season, and what you can do to limit an outbreak and maintain productivity. Whether it’s your accounting department or materials handling operators, you need to see the effect the flu has on American businesses every year.

Questions to Ask Before Your Next Forklift Purchase – It is easy to fall into the same pattern of getting quotes on the equipment we’re placing, comparing vendors, equipment and pricing, then making a decision about acquisition methods. But there are additional, in-depth questions you can ask yourself that could yield a much different and better outcome for your business. 

Fork and Chain Inspections – Worn forks and chains can dramatically reduce the safe lifting capacity of your forklift. Knowing what to look for and how to find it can keep your operators and employees safe and free from injury.  

Who signed OSHA, Why and What are the Outcomes – In 1972, the Occupational Health and Safety Act created OSHA as we know it today. This month, we take a look at who approved the act, why, and what has transpired in the more than four decades that the agency has been in operation. 

The “Not So Obvious” Costs of Forklift Ownership – When you are purchasing a piece of equipment is being purchased, you obtain competitive quotes, verify specifications and generate a purchase order. For that matter, just about anything we purchase goes through the same process. However, there is much more to purchasing forklifts and other equipment.  

4 Things that will Improve Dock Safety – Docks are very busy places and represent a significant risk for an accident or incident, particularly when during busy seasons.  There are some things you can do to reduce this risk and demonstrate the intention of creating a safe work environment for the employees that operate on or around your docks.

Keeping Your Money in Your Warehouse this Winter – Cold Winter months are upon us. There are things you can do to retain heat and profits. Read what they are in this Feature Article. 

Four Decades of OSHA: See the Results – 40 years ago OSHA was founded. Their goal was to make the workplace safer by setting standards that all companies must abide by. Fast forward to 2013 and see the results this dynamic agency has had on worker safety.

Forklift Pre-Shift Inspections: a Practical Guide – Daily Pre-Shift inspections are a requirement by OSHA to ensure the lift truck that is about to haul around thousands of pounds, is safe to do so.  In addition to compliance, catching small service issues before they blossom into giant repair or incident headaches is a protection to your bottom line. 

4 Major Benefits of Conducting Forklift Operator Training – There is a distinct difference between teaching someone something, like safe forklift operation, and truly training them how to perform the function safely and efficiently. We have addressed this topic in our previously published “Safety Training vs. Teaching: Knowing the Differences.”  A robust, comprehensive and ongoing safety training program for your forklift operators provides you with not only protection from potential liabilities, but also enhances your operation. In this article we will address four of the major benefits of formalizing your forklift operator training program.

12 Benefits of Long-Term Rentals – There are many benefits of long-term forklift rentals. Read what the advantages are and what they could mean to your materials handling operation. 

Keeping Your Cool; a Guide to an Efficient Forklift Cooling System – Heat is an enemy to your bottom line. Whether it’s en employee that can’t keep his cool, a plant that’s too hot, or even a forklift that’s operating above normal recommended temperatures, they all can cost you money and eat away at your bottom line. This month’s Feature Article highlights the “what you need to know” and “why” of your forklift’s cooling system.

Four Essentials of a Safe, Productive Forklift Fleet – There are plenty of simple, small things you can do to improve forklift safety in your facility. These include keeping the floor clean, installing mirrors at the ends of your aisles and prominently displaying safety posters. We have identified five best practices within companies that take forklift safety to the next level. 

5 Things that Will Lower Your Materials Handling Costs – Reducing your costs means increasing your profits—and increasing your profits has never been more challenging than in recent years.  Our experience with hundreds of various types of operations, utilizing hundreds of pieces of equipment in more than a thousand ways, has exposed us to thousands of variations in facilities, equipment, and applications. In working with these diverse clients, we have recognized commonalities that, when implemented, resulted in lower total operating costs for materials handling most of the time. Following are five that we highly recommend.

Electric vs. Internal Combustion Forklifts; The Advantages of Going Green – Electric forklifts emit nearly zero emissions, they cost less to operate and are much more comfortable to drive. The major holdbacks have been power and runtime, but that is changing. Find out more about the benefits of “Going Green” then give us a call for more information about electric lift trucks that just could replace your IC units, yes, including outdoor usage!

Optimize Your Warehouse by Fighting the Space Invaders – What are the things that are taking up valuable warehouse space, and what can you do to avoid or get rid of them? 

Pre-Shift Forklift Inspection Guide – Pre-shift inspections are not only required by OSHA, they have proven to lower overall lift truck fleet costs and produce a safer and more productive environment for your operators. This guide will detail what to inspection and how to inspect it to ensure a thorough inspection.  

5 Things That Will Lower Your Materials Handling Costs – We have seen all kinds of equipment, warehouse, process configurations. But regardless of your materials handling configuration, there are some universal things we recommend you do that will have a direct impact on your total materials handling costs.

Site-Specific Training: Six Things You Need to Consider – Most companies have some sort of forklift operator training program, but we often find that Site-Specific Training (required by OSHA) is not part of the training. This Feature Article discusses in brief, six things you need to consider when implementing site-specific forklift operator training.

Pedestrian Safety; 16 Things You Need to Consider – We train forklift operators on a regular basis, and hopefully your forklift operators are trained properly.  But what about pedestrians working and visiting your facility? Do they know the potential dangers of forklifts and how to behave around them to minimize the potential for an accident? Our Feature Article highlights what you can do to improve pedestrian safety within your facility.