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JCB TeletrukJCB Teletruk

In 1997, JCB developed a forklift truck with a telescopic boom, instead of the conventional vertical mast, to create the JCB Teletruk. This unique design dramatically improves productivity and safety, and saves operational time and yard space.

The Teletruk forklift provides unrivaled visibility, forward reach and lift capacity on a compact machine. You can quickly change attachments, and the 111-degree carriage rotation allows you to pick and place loads safely.

Depending on your application, the versatile JCB Teletruk can offer many of the benefits of up to five different machines. Not only does it do the work of a conventional masted forklift, but it combines many of the capabilities a skid steer loader, compact telescopic handler, rough terrain forklift and compact wheel loader.

In short, the Teletruk does everything a conventional forklift does, and more. Learn more about the Teletruck and see it in action.

Red, Keep Out Zone Light

Our ‘Keep Out’ Red Zone Light does exactly that–Keep Out Zone Light keeps pedestrians away from your forklifts! There are nearly 19,000 forklift related accidents per year involving pedestrians in the USA alone. Help reduce this number with the Keep Out Zone Light to warn pedestrians of forklifts in the area. The light is easily installed on the side of the forklift. When mounted, the product projects a large, red beam of light onto the ground to warn pedestrians in the work area that a forklift is near. Learn more about Keep Out Zone Light and see several applications. 

Doosan Composite LP Cylinders

Doosan’s new composite LP cylinders provide many unprecedented benefits for companies that utilize LP forklifts. They include:

  • Translucent
    You will always be able to see the level of gas remaining. No more guess-work.
  • Lightweight
    These cylinders weigh over 50 percent LESS than traditional steel tanks. 
  • Safer than Metal
    These cylinders do not create sparks and will not explode. 
  • Easy to Handle
    Each cylinder has an ergonomic grip that makes it easy to pick up and move about.
  • Ruggedly Built to Last!
    These cylinders have a 15-year service life from the date of manufacture.

Plus tax and shipping if applicable. Volume discounts available. 

For more information or to place an order, contact your local Valley Industrial Trucks parts department: 
(330) 733-6301 – Akron  or (330) 788-4081 – Youngstown

Blue Safety Light

Improve pedestrian safety within your facility with the new LED Blue Safety Light, distributed by Clark TotalLift Parts. This product is especially useful in facilities where noise is an issue and/or electric forklifts (which are nearly silent) are being operated. 

The LED Blue Safety Light mounts to the front mast or rear of the overhead guard and emits a powerful blue beam of light about 15′ in front of, or behind the forklift.  This alerts pedestrians that a forklift is approaching long before they might hear it. 

Installation is available by either of Valley Industrial Truck’s facilities.  

Contact us in Youngstown at (888) 375-0829, or in Akron at (330) 733-6301.

Learn more about Blue Safety Light and see it in action in our video