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7 Series Pneumatic Electric Four Wheel, 80v

4,500 lbs. – 10,000 Capacity

The new 7 Series 80 Volt electric counterbalance forklift trucks from Doosan continue our tradition of delivering heavy duty performance with lower cost of ownership. The B22X through B50X-7 Series gives you the flexibility needed to get the job done.

Doosan Pneumatic Tire Electric Forklift

Safety Features

Operator Sensing System (OSS)

  • Continuously monitors systems to assure maximum safety
  • Mast Lowering Interlock – If the operator keys off, or gets off the seat, the hydraulic lift and tilt locking system will limit the motion of the truck
  • Hydraulic locks prevent hydraulic lift when lowering and tilting

Ease of Access for Maximum Operator Safety

  • Large step plate with an anti-slip pattern ensures firm footing even for large safety boots
  • Easy grip entry bar makes entering and exiting these trucks much safer
  • Large uncluttered floor plate with no trip hazards provides improved comfort and more leg room
  • Angled floor plate reduces strain on the ankles, and large pedals ensure maximum safety and ease of operation

Clear Forward View

The precisely designed overhead guard profile, with angled roof bars, provides a clear view upwards while adding increased strength for safety

Unlimited Ramp Hold

The Electro-magnetic Auto Parking Brake (EPB), prevents the forklift from rolling back if parked on slopes, allowing the operator to exit out without braking

Clear Forward Mast View
Forklift Unlimited Ramp Hold
Forklift Operator Sensing System
Forklift Mast Interlock

Convenience Features

Adjustable Steering Column

  • The operator can adjust the position of the column for convenience and comfort

Premium Suspension Seat

  • The full suspension seat is adjustable to accommodate every individual preference

Operator Leg Room

  • The large, thick rubber floor mat & rounded hood offers a very comfortable operator compartment

Ergonomic Pedal System

  • The new electronic accelerator provides the operator with safe and precise speed control while reducing fatigue
Forklift Operator Leg Room
Forklift Convenience Tray
Forklift LED Display
Forklift Adjustable Steering Column

Value Features

Dust and Water Protection

  • IP65 controller and IP43 motors wiring & connectors are silicon sealed, preventing the penetration of dust/particle and moisture/water from the outside

Reliable AC Controller

  • Curtis AC controllers provide unbeatable power, performance and functionality

Rugged and Durable Twin Drive Axle

  • Twin drive axles are directed by an integrated drive controller for effective transfer of power and torque; resulting in smooth, quite operation

5-Year, 10,000 Hour Brake Warranty

  • Doosan’s exclusive Oil Cooled Disc Brakes (OCDB) last five times longer than conventional shoe brakes, and are virtually maintenance free

Customized Performance

  • Three performance settings are easily selected based upon operator and application needs: Energy Efficient, Standard Mode & High Performance
Forklift Customized Performance
Forklift Brake Oil Indicator
Forklift Controller Access
Forklift Oil Cooled Disc Brakes

For more information, a demo or quote on a new Doosan pneumatic tire electric forklift, please contact us, or give us a call at (888) 952-7536.