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CLARK WPL40 Lithium Ion Powered Electric Pallet Jack

CLARK’s WPL40 – 4,000lb. Lithium Ion powered electric pallet jack provides end-users a product designed for tight spaces and heavy loads.

Key Benefits

  • Pin-wheeling 4000 lb loads with the handle fully upright
  • Ease-of-use ergonomic steer/control handle
  • Easy pallet entry/exit system
  • Lithium Ion powered 48-volt AC
  • State-of-the-art braking system


Manufacturing, warehousing, logistics and distribution

Features and Benefits

Steer Control Handle

  • Travel, tilt and lower functions all located in the ergonomic operator handle.
  • Operators access all controls without having to lift a hand from the handle.
  • Solid steel tubing arm designed to outlast cast aluminum or plastic designs.
  • Angled grips allow easy operation with either hand.
  • Gas-assisted spring handle gently returns the handle to a vertical position.
  • Crawl-speed enables the operator greater ease-of-use in tight spaces.

Lithium Ion AC Drive

  • Water resistant connectors and shrouded wiring harness reliably supplies power.
  • Lithium Ion 48V AC power provides the same power-output all the way through the charge cycle
  • Travel speed remains constant – relative to the throttle position – regardless of load
  • Routine brush changes eliminated
  • No need to pull the motor to turn and undercut the commutator
  • Much less likely to burn-out motor during a stall

Gear Technology

  • State-of-the-art gear technology provides low noise level, high efficiency and high performance.
  • Horizontal drive motor mounted behind the gear housing provides increase component lift.

  • Oil-bathed hypoid bevel gear drive train with tapered roller bearings transfers power to the axel with ease for smooth operation.

Features & Benefits Video

For more information, a demo or to purchase a WPL40, please give us a call at 330-788-4081.