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SEC 20/25/30/32/35


Cushion Tire, 48V

Lithium Power Battery Option

CLARK S-Series products are designed from the ground up to be SMART, STRONG & SAFE. The SEC20-35 brings all the power you need to keep your operation moving while eliminating emissions. With excellent ergonomics, an advanced SMART dash and a design that is Built to Last, the SEC20-35 represents the next generation of electric lift trucks.

CLARK SEC20-35 Electric Forklift

SEC20-35 Features


The high-resolution interactive LCD dash display on the SEC20-3 allows operators to stay constantly informed about the truck’s performance. New ZAPI ACE3 controllers allow for advanced control and communication. Three selectable performance modes, along with a turtle mode feature, allows for greater flexibility and customization per application.


With the SEC20-35, durability and reliability are never in question. With a capacity range up to 7,000 pounds—a CLARK first for electric four-wheel trucks—and key components designed to withstand full capacity, the SEC20-35 can tackle any challenge in its path. The rear-hinging hood provides durability and allows for easy service, and the thick, durable front fenders provide strength to the frame of the truck. The steel sump tank dissipates heat faster, prolonging hydraulic oil life, ensuring your SEC20-35 is Built to Last for years to come


Safety is a cornerstone of all CLARK products, and the SEC20-35 is no exception. The integrated Dampening Block Stability increases stability and durability in the lift truck. The standard Performance Enhancement Package utilizes a cutback switch on the mast, reducing tilt and travel speeds when the forks are fully loaded and lowered, improving operator and pedestrian safety. Additional optional safety equipment includes load weight indicator, seatbelt interlock, and more!


The ergonomically designed operator compartment promotes greater operator comfort and efficiency, with a spacious floorboard, small steering wheel diameter, hood-mounted levers, cowl-mounted SMART dash, and comfortable full-suspension vinyl seat. The accelerator and brake pedals are also optimally positioned for smooth transitions, reducing operator fatigue.


The welded heavy gauge frame provides lasting strength and consistency in the operation of the truck. A CLARK standard, the nested I-beam mast on the SEC20-35 was designed for longevity and stability, allowing for a true 7,000-pound capacity on the SEC35. Finally, all major components for the series were designed to withstand the full 7,000-pound capacity, ensuring that no matter which capacity you need, the components can tackle any job with ease.


The CLARK Lithium-Ion battery in the SEC20-35, offered as an optional feature, increases ROI, decreases downtime and retains higher sustained power with no voltage drop-off during operation. Additional features of the Lithium-Ion battery include:

  • Virtually maintenance-free, with no watering or battery swapping required
  • Provides a safer working environment with no acid to leak
  • Longer battery life, requiring fewer replacements

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