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CLARK S-Series Forklifts

S 20/25/30/32C/35

4,000lb. / 5,000lb. / 6,000lb. / 6,500lb. / 7,000lb.

Pneumatic and Cushion Tire, LPG

Building on over 100 years of lift truck innovations, design and industry firsts. 

The evolution continues…. the CLARK S-SERIES the next generation of lift trucks.

CLARK S-Series Forklift

S-Series Features



Our design standards have historically led the industry in innovation and firsts; the S-Series represents the next phase of lift truck design.

Interactive Dash

Built-In Reporting of Truck and Operator Performance via Optional Telemetry

Engine/Powertrain Protection

Integrated Systematic Service Tools

On-Board Reporting of Operator Controlled Functions



CLARK trucks are “Built to Last”; from our industrial designs to our legacy Dealers our combined strengths ensure a strong performance to your bottom line and overall lower cost of ownership.

Force-Cooled Wet Disc Brakes

Fully Welded Heavy Gauge Frame

Nested I-Beam Upright with 6-Roller Carriage

External Side-Thrust Rollers

Proven Steer Axles and Cooling Systems



Safety is and has been a cornerstone of CLARK design standards for over 100 years.  Our standards became the industry standards.  The S-Series innovates again with standard features including:

Automatically Applied Parking Brake and Speed Limit Control

Increased Visibility with Optional Rear View Camera

High-Visibility Orange Seat Belt

Designed with Optimal Center-of-Gravity to Enhance Truck Stability

Low Cost of Ownership

Low Cost of Ownership

500 Hour Oil Service Interval on FORD and Isuzu Engines

2,000 Hour Oil Service Interval on Transmission (for General Warehouse Applications)

Optimized Hydraulic Operating Pressure Reduces Fuel Consumption

Separate Transmission and Axle Simplify Servicing

Open Core Radiator is Standard

Engine Efficiency/Performance Reduces Fuel Consumption

DOC (Diesel Oxidation Catalyst)

Force Cooled Wet Disc Brakes

S-Series Engines

High Performance Engines

FORD 2.5L LPG Tier-4    

Balanced, 4-Cylinder Dual Overhead Cam Design Engine

VVT (Variable Valve Timing) with Sequential Multi-Port Fuel Injection

Timing Chain-Driven Camshaft and Automatic Belt Tensioners

ISUZU 4LE2X 2.2L Diesel Tier-4 Final       

Turbo-Charged, High-Pressure Multi-Stage Injection

DOC (Diesel Oxidation Catalyst) with No Regeneration (Burn-off) Cycles Necessary

No UREA Additives

CLARK S-Series Operator Comfort

Operator Comfort and Productivity

Minimal Vibration and Noise to the Operator via a Balanced Engine and Isolated Transmission

Adjustable Full-Suspension Seat

Hood-Mounted Levers with Low Input Force

Large Floor Board Improves Leg Room and Boot Clearance

Small Diameter Steering Wheel with Low Steering Effort

Reduced Brake and Inching Pedal Effort

Steering Column Adjustable Tilt Range of 30 degrees

Optimized Step Height

S-Series Videos

General Features & Benefits

S-Series Smart Dash

S-Series Frame

S-Series Safety Features

Low Cost of Ownership

Operator Comfort

Self-Activating Parking Brake

S-Series Upright

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