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CLARK Forklift Engine

CLARK’s New Ford 2.5L Engine Video

The innovative FORD 2.5L LPG 4-cylinder engine is now available for installation across CLARK’s C20C/C32C and C20/C35 product lines. What this means for you is a smooth-running balanced engine, variable valve timing, sequential multiport LP fuel injection and extended maintenance intervals up to 500 hours.

There is also a new dash feature that will give you the ability to diagnose and clear engine codes directly through the on-board dash. No need to plug in a laptop or have your operators memorize pedal pumps and read flashing lights.

Along with this premium FORD 2.5L engine is our standard radiator with wider fin spacing and in-line tubes. This “cotton core” style offers reduced plugging and increased air flow. Improved hose clamps create a tighter seal and a high-flow fan keeps you running cooler for longer.

These updates make a great truck even better.

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