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CLARK Announces New Ford Engine for GEN2 Forklifts

Introducing the FORD 2.5 Liter LPG Engine for GEN2 Models C20C-C32C and C20-C35 Lift Trucks

Features & Benefits

  • Balanced Engine – Removes vibration from the engine and gives the operator a more comfortable ride, smoother operation.
  • Cast Aluminum Block and Cylinder Heads – Lighter engine with better heat dissipation for improved fuel efficiency and longevity.
  • 4-Cylinder Dual Overhead Cam Design – Four valves per cylinder for optimal fuel and exhaust management.
  • Variable Valve Timing – Changes the intake valve timing throughout the RPM range for improved efficiency.
  • Sequential Multi-Port Fuel Injection – Even fuel distribution improves throttle response and cold starts.
  • Pent Roof Combustion Chamber – Improves volumetric efficiency and fuel mixture, increasing the scavenging efficiency during the exhaust stroke.
  • 9.7;1 Compression Ratio – Higher compression ratio = increased power (HP; 65 @ 2500 RPM, Torque: 135 ft-lbs @ 1800 RPM)
  • In-Dash Engine Diagnostics – Operator can access fault codes directly through on-board dash.
  • Timing Chain-Driven Camshaft – No belts to adjust or replace.
  • Automatic Belt Tensioner – Less required maintenance.
  • Reverse Flow Cooling – Locates thermostat at the front-end of the cooling system and divides the flow evenly over the head and block, maintaining even temperatures and minimizing the thermal shock to the engine.
  • Extended Maintenance Intervals up to 500 Hours (with CLARK-approved engine oil) – Lower cost of operation

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