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BYD Electric Forklifts Featuring Iron Phosphate Batteries

BYD Forklifts - Changing the Electric Forklift Market

BYD has been revolutionizing the rechargeable battery industry since 1995 in industries such as consumer electronics, energy storage, transportation and now the material handling industry. Compared to traditional electric forklifts, BYD’s extraordinary technology turns the industry inside-out by delivering a single-battery multi-shift solution. Designed to work together with its disruptive battery technology, 

Founded in 1995 as an automotive battery company, BYD set out to design the most efficient and powerful battery on the market. Their innovative and environmentally-friendly lithium iron phosphate batteries run longer and charge faster than a lead acid battery. They are also completely maintenance free, eliminating the need to halt operations for watering and battery equalization. This results in reduced downtime, ensuring your operation can continue to run smoothly throughout the day.

Inside each forklift is a waterproof sealed battery pack that allows every unit to operate rain or shine. Whether you’re lifting in a warm and crowded warehouse, a cold storage room, or unloading the back of a flatbed truck in the rain – your BYD electric forklift will deliver the performance you need to get the job done. If you’re in the market for clean, reliable power, look no further than BYD electric forklifts.

BYD Electric Forklift and Charger

The BYD Difference – An innovative company, one of the three largest battery companies on Earth, with over 220,000 employees serving in over 40 countries. You know you are purchasing products from a company with a vast knowledge of battery and charging technology. Their products have been implemented in over 250 mwh over the last decade, with over 22,000 engineers working on improving efficiency in battery technology and with major investors like Warren Buffet and Bill Gates, you know you’re in good company. More about the BYD product difference…


BYD made these forklifts so durable that they operate indoors and outdoors; rain or shine. Each forklift features a waterproof sealed battery pack that can be operated in even the toughest conditions.


Unlike Lead-Acid and most Lithium-ion batteries, BYD’s chemistry features environmentally friendly and non-toxic ingredients.  This means no ventilation needed, no water needed and no worry needed.


The industry has voted. BYD was awarded the prestigious IFOY Award in 2016. These world-class forklifts are designed and built for reliability and operational savings.


Included in each forklift is a warranty that will make others jealous. 10-year warranty on batteries, 5-year warranty on drive axle, and 3-year warranty on all remaining components.

Complete Forklift Battery Safety

BYD Lithium Forklift Battery Test
BYD Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Fire Test
BYD Forklift Battery Puncture Test
BYD forklift Battery Test

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