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BYD Lithium Powered Electric Forklift Case Study

When fruit packing business Cottage Farms switched its existing gas and lead acid battery-powered material handling fleet to BYD Iron-Phosphate battery-powered trucks, productivity levels were improved using a smaller number of machines, leading to considerable cost savings, as well as improved H&S and a beneficial environmental impact. The significant benefits brought to Cottage Farms by the switch to BYD include:

  • A smaller material handling fleet due to greater availability of equipment and longer up-time
  • Reduced charging times and need for fewer chargers, thus freeing-up valuable warehouse space for additional storage
  • Elimination of battery topping-up and changing, thus improving health & safety
  • Elimination of acid damage to the warehouse floor, as well as elimination of acid contamination in a food processing environment
  • Significant environmental benefits, as BYD trucks are energy efficient and emission-free at the point of use.

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